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WordPress Website Care Plans

Is your WordPress website cared for and updated regularly? Do you know who is performing this maintenance?

In many cases, you are responsible for the care of your own website. Many website design or development packages only come with basic support for a few months from the time they are built. After this, basic support is over often you are not told or shown how to do the maintenance yourself.

Fact: A poorly maintained WordPress website will suffer from performance losses, conversion losses, and security issues. These losses and issued will affect your search engine rankings and ultimately your business profit margins.

We believe that your website is an asset to your business and that the maintenance and support of that website is critical to your business growth. That is why we have developed a range of WordPress care plans that allow us to take responsibility for this very important task.

All of our WordPress care plans give you the peace of mind that your investment in your website is safe and secure.

Learn more about WordPress care plans below

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WordPress Website Care Plans

Peace of mind and protection for your WordPress website investment.

Please note WordPress Care Plans are available in the above four packages and you can save money by purchasing annually or even more. Please note setup fees may apply for periods under 12 months in duration.